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MANCHESTER, New Hampshire, July 20, 2005 -- Vette Corp., a global provider of thermal management solutions, announces its BGA thermal solutions designed for ICs (integrated circuits) packaged in a ball grid array (BGA). Vette's BGA heat sinks target traditional high-volume applications with low-cost solutions based around the motherboard, video card, and networking board industries. Vette supports this market segment with low-end customization, including customer-selected attachment, interface material and fan selections. In addition, Vette also supports an emerging market for BGAs in more visible applications in personal computers and consumer electronics with high-end design optimization for performance and branding purposes for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customers. OEMs are increasingly using BGA packages as they support numerous electrical and manufacturing benefits. BGAs provide higher pin counts in less area and a robust "ball" structure that integrates seamlessly into the OEM's manufacturing process. BGA chipsets, especially DSPs (digital signal processing) power computer and popular consumer applications are increasingly designed into consumer electronics. Higher power applications in BGAs generate in excess of 10 watts of potentially damaging heat that must be removed from the integrated circuit.

As the thermal solution is often the most visible component to the consumer on a circuit board, designers seeking to build brand loyalty and product differentiation look to add their corporate or product graphics to its design. OEM designers are moving beyond graphic treatments for branding and changing the visual characteristics of the heat sink to reflect corporate or brand images. Vette works with the OEM to create a custom branded thermal solution that provides superior performance and significant market differentiation.

OEMs Leverage Engineering, Manufacturing Capabilities
According to Vette Corp. President and CEO George Dannecker, "Vette meets the needs of OEMs requiring high volume thermal solutions for BGAs at the lowest landed cost. We also support OEMs with unique branding and thermal performance needs with a combination of expertise unavailable elsewhere. We will engineer cosmetic and structural modifications to the heat sink as well as provide graphic designers to accommodate the most demanding labeling and graphic treatments, while meeting stringent thermal performance specifications," Dannecker concluded.

Vette's supports existing OEM designs integrating BGA packages with thermal solution graphic and mechanical design services, thermal analysis, mechanical analysis, thermal testing, and fan life testing. For customers in early phase design efforts Vette offers access to leading design-engineering personnel, test facilities and complete prototyping capabilities to ensure rapid design cycles of the lowest-cost, highest-efficiency thermal solutions.

Vette works with its customers to optimize their cooling solution for thermal, mechanical, acoustic, and cost constraints. At the same time Vette optimizes the design for manufacturability and develops tooling to maximize manufacturing efficiency. Once the design is validated and approved, Vette's high-volume manufacturing ramps up, feeding the customers' global supply chains and meeting their critical delivery deadlines.

Availability and Pricing
Vette's heat sinks for BGA packages are currently available worldwide in standardized configurations, or can be customized to the application's specific needs. For more information on prototypes, customization, attachments, or volume pricing, contact Vette customer service: (603) 792-3460, or visit the company's website at to find the location nearest to you.

About Vette Corp.
Vette Corp. is a global thermal management solutions provider specializing in solving thermal challenges for the leading OEMs in both the computer and industrial electronics industries. As electronic systems increase in functionality and complexity, heat-related factors have a greater impact on product development cost and time-to-market. Vette maintains a growing IP portfolio; design and applications engineering in Asia and North America; extensive Asian manufacturing and a customer list of blue-chip electronics manufacturers.

Vette's CEO, George Dannecker, was formerly president of Aavid Thermal Technologies. Ron Borelli, chairman of Vette's board of directors, served as Aavid Thermal's CEO and chairman. Together, Dannecker and Borelli built Aavid Thermal into the world's largest and most profitable heat sink company, bringing the venture from $35 million to more than $300 million in revenues in less than six years. With high-volume, Asian-based heatsink and fan manufacturing coupled with advanced applications and design teams, Vette Corp. offers their global customers the lowestcost, highest-quality solutions for their most complex thermal problems. For more information, visit:

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