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MANCHESTER, New Hampshire, October 4, 2005 -- Vette Corp., a global provider of thermal management solutions, announces its expansion of manufacturing operations in Hengli Town, DongGuan City, China and Linkou Shiang, Taipei County, Taiwan. Vette entered the thermal solutions market and quickly vaulted to its top tier with the acquisition of the China-based Shun Fu and EUMAX companies in 2004. With its latest expansion, Vette moves past the successful integration of the companies, improving workflow and creating centers of excellence, while expanding the overall manufacturing capacity to meet the increased order volumes of its growing business.

According to Vette Corp. President and CEO George Dannecker, "Our ongoing expansion supports the growth in our high-quality, high-volume manufacturing lines as we meet the supply chain requirements of our customers for Vette's thermal solutions for VGA, BGA, PC microprocessor applications and power semiconductor cooling. In addition, we are expanding our recently launched cosmetically finished parts capacity to meet our customers' needs. "The expansion also supports our use of new materials and manufacturing processes as we meet our commitment to offer our customers the industry's broadest thermal management solutions set. We already are in the early development stages of several exciting thermal solutions that require us to expand our operations. The expansion we are announcing will allow us to support this growth," Dannecker concluded.

With the additional space, Vette now has more than 400,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities dedicated to thermal solutions.

Thermal Management Continues to Grow
Vette's thermal management solutions remove heat that diminishes the performance of electronic products across a wide array of industries. Heat dissipation problems in electronic components and systems increase as consumer demands for a mobile and plugged-in lifestyle drive more powerful computer chips to be integrated into smaller form factors. Leading analyst firms expect the worldwide electronic thermal market to grow by 12.1 percent annually for the next three years (estimated at $3.9 billion for 2004) with heat sinks and fans alone representing a $2.3 billion market.

About Vette Corp.

Vette Corp. is a global thermal management solutions provider specializing in solving thermal challenges for the leading OEMs in both the computer and industrial electronics industries. As electronic systems increase in functionality and complexity, heat-related factors have a greater impact on product development cost and time-to-market. Vette maintains a growing IP portfolio; design and applications engineering in Asia and North America; extensive Asian manufacturing and a customer list of blue-chip electronics manufacturers.

Vette's CEO, George Dannecker, was formerly president of Aavid Thermal Technologies. Ron Borelli, chairman of Vette's board of directors, served as Aavid Thermal's CEO and chairman. Together, Dannecker and Borelli built Aavid Thermal into the world's largest and most profitable heat sink company, bringing the venture from $35 million to more than $300 million in revenues in less than six years. With high-volume, Asian-based heatsink and fan manufacturing coupled with advanced applications and design teams, Vette Corp. offers their global customers the lowestcost, highest-quality solutions for their most complex thermal problems. For more information, visit:

Donna Michael
Director of Global Marketing Communications
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