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About Vette Corp

Vette's Competitive Edge

Founded in 2004, Vette Corp is the world's only integrated supplier of end-to-end cooling solutions for electronics. We have cooling solutions that range from the smallest component to data centers. Standard and custom solutions are available to meet the most exacting requirements - our global design and engineering resources offer the highest quality cooling at the most cost effective price point. Our corporate mission is to provide our customers with all the resources needed to deploy leading thermal solutions at the lowest landed cost and minimal risk to their supply chain.

Headquartered in Pelham, NH (USA), Vette Corp has marketing, manufacturing and engineering facilities in Taiwan and China as well as representation in Europe and dedicated sales and service staff in the US. Vette Corp is currently staffed with over 1,500 employees in a variety of engineering, manufacturing, operations, sales, marketing, service and support roles. Our application and design engineering customer support teams are backed by high-volume manufacturing and world-class supply chain logistics to support clients with unmatched quality and service at the best prices available. Vette sets the standard in the electronic industry for quality, innovation and project delivery capability.

The Vette Corp Advantage:

EXPERIENCE - Broad industry experience in solving complex thermal problems

RESOURCES - Global engineering resources to provide customized design services

MANUFACTURING - Precision manufacturing of highly engineered thermal products

COST - High volume, low cost U.S. and Asian-based manufacturing

SERVICE - World class supply chain and customer service

SOLUTIONS - Integrated spot-level and box/rack-level thermal solutions

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