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.: December 7, 2009
Vette's LiquiCool Rear Door Heat Exchangers used to cool Firelock's new SAVE mobile data center module

.: December 2, 2009
Vette Corp Partners w ith IBM® to Provide Sustainable Data Center Solution

.: October 1, 2009
APW President Partners with Vette Corp to Distribute Advanced Thermal Management Solutions for DataCenter Infrastructure Facilities in India

.: September 30, 2009
Vette Corp to Deliver Cooling Infrastructure for New Green Data Center

.: August 2, 2009
Vette CEO interviewed by Keeping cool at Vette Corp.

.: July 15, 2009
Vette Corp Announces Top Feed LiquiCool™ Rear Door Heat Exchanger

.: July 9, 2009
DataSite Orlando Teams With Vette Corp to Offer Liquid Cooling CapabilitiesMore Energy Efficient Cooling Dramatically Lowers Customer Costs

.: June 25, 2009
Kevin Melia Joins Vette Corp Board of Directors

.: June 17, 2009
AFCO Systems Partners with Vette Corp. to Integrate its LiquiCool™ Rear Door Heat Exchangers withAFCO's High-Density Datacenter Enclosures

.: June 17, 2009
Vette Corp adds Phil Koen, CEO of SAVVIS Inc., to its Board of Directors

.: June 2, 2009
Douglas Mook Joins Vette Corp Board of Directors

.: May 14, 2009
Former IBM Executive William M. Zeitler Joins Board of Directors of Vette Corp

.: January 8, 2009
IBM® Technology Licensed by Vette Receives Patent Approval

.: July 31, 2008
Vette Corp Opens New Office for Datacom Facilities Division

.: July 17, 2008
Vette Corp Expands Rear Door Heat Exchanger Offeringfor Data Center Liquid Cooling

.: July 10, 2008
Rear Door Heat Exchanger Wins Data Center Cooling Competition

.: June 12, 2008
Michael Gagnon Selected as Global Marketing Manager of Vette CorpDatacom Facilities Division

.: May 21, 2008
Bob Lewis Selected to Lead Vette Corp's North American Power Division

.: April 22, 2008
Robert Perry Selected as North American Sales Manager of Vette Corp'sDatacom Facilities Division

.: April 8, 2008
Peter Wong to Lead Business Development in the Asia Pacific Region for Vette Corp Datacom Facilities Division

.: April 1, 2008
Vette Corp Unveils Coolant Distribution Unit for Data Center Liquid Coolingat AFCOM Data Center World Conference

.: February 14, 2008
Liquid Cooling for IGBT Power Semiconductor Devices Announced by Vette Corp

.: February 6, 2008
Vette Corp Joins The Green Grid, a Consortium Dedicated to Data CenterEnergy Efficiency and Business Computing Ecosystems

.: January 7, 2008
Vette Corp Hires Manager for Liquid Cooling Services - John Menoche, P.E. toLead Data Center Cooling Design, Installation and Energy Consulting Organization

.: December 13, 2007
Vette Corp Datacom Facilities Division Hires David W. Roden As Applications Engineering Manager

.: December 7, 2007
IBM Grants Water-Cooling Intellectual Property License to Vette Corp

.: December 6, 2007
Vette Corp Names Joseph Capes to Head Datacom Facilities Division, Specializing in Liquid Cooling

.: December 6, 2007
Vette Corp Forms Datacom Facilities Division, Focusing on Liquid Cooling Solutions for High-Density Data Center and Telecommunications Systems

.: April 11, 2007
Vette Corp Expands North American Manufacturing

.: March 6, 2007
Vette Corp Closes $27 Million In Recent Financing

.: September 12, 2006

.: October 4, 2005
Vette Corp Announces Manufacturing Expansion

.: July 20, 2005
Vette Corp Announces Thermal Solutions for Ball Grid Arrays

.: May 11, 2005
Vette Corp Offers Custom Cosmetically Finished Metal Parts

.: April 6, 2005
Vette Corp Announces Custom Branded VGA Thermal Solutions for Aftermarket Suppliers

.: March 1, 2005
A. Eugene Sapp, Jr. Named To Vette Corp Board Of Directors

.: January 27, 2005
Vette Corp Announces CPU Coolers

.: December 8, 2004
Vette Acquires Shun Fu Metal Products

.: November 11, 2004
Vette Acquires Eumax

.: November 8, 2004
Vette goes Two-for-Two with Funding, Acquisition

WBIX.: George Dannecker, Vette Corp CEO, interviewed on THE Business Station, AM1060, WBIX

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.: October 26, 2004
Vette Corp announced today that it has closed $15 million in a round of Series B financing.

.: July 26, 2004
Kodiak Venture Partners and General Catalyst Partners Lead $9 million Investment in Vette
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